Tree Surgery Available jobs

One To One

For the small garden jobs where a handsaw is just not enough.

  • Work with me and we can deal with all these heavy pruning jobs you couldn't do yourself.
  • Trees & Hedges.
  • Overgrown Shrubs.
  • Tree Stumps.
  • All Wood / Timber Waste / Furniture to Firewood.

Trailer One To One

Book in for annual works, work with me and remove everything to trailer.

  • Small & Shaped trees / Hedges.
  • Shrubs, herbaceous pruning, gardening / weeding.
  • Removal of leaves in Autumn.
  • Overgrown garden / change of use.
  • House clearance.

Trailer / Woodchiper / Labour


For large jobs that are labour demanding which generate larger amounts of green waste.

  • Large hedge reductions.
  • Tree removal.
  • Garden / Site clearance.
  • Woodland maintenance.


The care, maintenance and management of urban and amenity trees.

With 30 years experience other services include:

  • Tree planting.
  • Surveys, reports & advice.
  • Tree preservation orders.
  • Conservation areas.
  • Written quotations.
  • Crown raising / Crown lifting / Crown reduction.
  • Coppicing, pollarding & pleaching.
  • Bracing and propping.
  • Topiary.
  • Stump removal (Tirfor Winch).